5 Tips to Secure Your House When on Vacation

As we get out of the pandemic and feel safer traveling, it can be difficult to leave your home alone. Unfortunately, an empty home can be a target for a robbery. However, there are simple things that you can do to make sure that robbers do not want to break into your house.

Add a Good Security System

If you are not confident in your security system, you might want to upgrade it or install cameras inside and outside your home. There are many options online, including motion sensor cameras. These cameras will activate if there is any movement inside or outside your home and send real-time video to your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Additionally, security happens can prevent theft before it happens. This is because most robbers will check for an easier home to break into. A home with cameras can be too difficult to enter.

Put Lights on a Timer

If you want to add another deterrent to a break-in, you can put the lights in your home on a timer. Turn the lights on when it is getting dark, and turn them off when you would usually go to bed. This will make it seem like the house is not empty. Light timers can be affordable, and you can set them at different times in various rooms so it seems like someone is home.

Have a Friend Check-In

If you feel anxious that your home is left alone for too long, it is always helpful to have a friend or neighbour check in once or twice a week. This is also helpful to make sure that everything is in order. Additionally, they can help with taking the mail inside and any packages that might have arrived. However, you should not leave your spare key under a mat or rock on your porch. If you have someone who will be checking in a couple of times a week, you should give them the spare key before traveling.

Keep a Car in the Driveway

Similar to putting your lights on a timer, you should try to leave a car in the driveway. This will make it seem like someone is home. Much like cameras, it is another deterrent if a robber is walking by your house. If you are planning on taking your car with you for your vacation, you can ask a friend or neighbour to park their car at your place.

Secure Windows and Doors

Before leaving on vacation, you need to make sure that all doors and windows, especially on the ground floor, have secure locks. If you feel like windows can be easily opened, you can install a pin or nail into the frame,  which stops the window from being opened. All your external doors should have deadbolts with working locks.

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