5 Top Reasons your Door Knob Won't Turn & How to Fix It

Few things are more frustrating than trying to open a door, but the knob won’t turn; it doesn’t matter what we do. Fortunately, there are many ways of fixing a stubborn door that doesn’t open. See the 5 top reasons your doorknob won’t turn below.

  1. The Door May Be Stuck

There are several reasons why your doorknob won’t turn, and many of those are easy to spot and fix. One of them is that your door may be stuck somehow. Try to jiggle the doorknob to get the stuck part loose.

It usually happens when the springs are not correctly in place or when the latch doesn’t retract and extend. While you are jiggling the door, hold it gently to avoid worsening the problem by getting it more stuck. You must have patience and go slowly in this case.

Using a lubricant is a good choice, especially one like graphite. Use some drops on your doorknob, and keep trying to turn it gently, so the oil gets spread evenly.

  1. The Door Knob is Loose

Door knobs tend to get wobbly over time. However, getting them tightening depends on the kind of lockset it has. Therefore, it is essential to know which type your lockset is. If you don’t know, a professional locksmith is a great help, not only for this case but for any problem related to locks.

A simple interior lockset can be reinforced by following these few easy steps. First, you must lose the setscrew present on the knob’s shank. After that, hold the knob on the reverse side of the door, and turn the loose knob clockwise. Once you feel that it is fitted, tighten the screw. When you are done, the knob must turn freely.

  1. The Door Mechanism May be Broken

Your door’s entire mechanism or some part of it may be broken. If you know how to fix it, you should verify both the exterior and interior components to search for the problem. However, be careful, and only do it if you’re are confident of your locksmith abilities. Contact a professional locksmith if you are not or don’t know how to investigate your door mechanism.

  1. Door Lock is Frozen

Your door lock may be frozen if you live in cold areas or areas with cold winters. Sometimes, it is not frozen but dirty. Try putting some graphite into the keyhole and using the exact steps you did on item 1. Fortunately, these cold places probably sell things like lock de-icers, which are made to de-freeze your door.

  1. The Door Knob is Rusted

Your doorknob may be rusty, especially if it is old or made of a poor-quality material. You most likely have to change it for a new doorknob if it is oxidized. Sometimes, it is possible to fix a doorknob, so contact your locksmith and ask them for help. 

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