Checklist on How to Prevent Burglary

Burglary is a problem that our society has faced a lot, but that has gotten significantly worse in big cities. However, when the problem is a residential burglary, the situation is even worse. In Canada, a break-in happens once every 90 seconds, and more than 80% of burglaries happen during daylight hours. To avoid this from happening to you, check out this checklist we’ve prepared on how to prevent a burglary.

Safe Practices

  • Have a functional smoke detector installed in your building or home
  • Have a list of emergency numbers, both in your phone and on a physical paper
  • Keep a list, videos, or even pictures of your valuable property
  • Keeps your ladders and tools locked somewhere safe
  • Have proper lightening outside your house
  • Hide your valuables from the outside view

Door and Entry Areas

  • It is better to have all doors made of solid wood or metal
  • Check if your doorframes are tight and strong enough to prevent forcing or spreading
  • Check if your door locks are in good shape
  • See if your sliding doors are secured from being lifted out of its track
  • All strikes must be installed appropriately and adequate
  • Inspect if your door hinges are protected from being removed from the outside
  • Avoid your locking mechanism from being accessible through the pet entrance or a mail slot
  • If there is a door from the outside to the basement, check if it is secure
  • The basement door must be concealed from the street and neighbours
  • If your garage doors are automobile, check their locking device
  • See if your front entrances can be observed from the street or any public area
  • Observe if your landscaping or porch offer concealment from the street view
  • See if your key-operated auxiliary lock is used on sliding glass doors
  • Always lock your car and remove the keys, even if it is parked in your garage


  • Your windows must have adequate locks in operating conditions
  • See if your storm windows can be locked from the inside
  • Check if your exterior area windows are free from landscaping or concealing structure
  • Keep your trees trimmed back from your upper floor windows
  • Observe if your basement windows are all adequately secure against the entrance
  • See if your garage windows are secured for ground floor windows
  • Check if you have windows present in any door
  • Check if you have windows within 40 inches of door locks
  • Keep the windows locked when they are closed
  • Use bar or ornamental grilles to block your windows if you live in high crime areas
  • Always check the locks on your second floor, as well as in your first

To prevent your house from burglary, the best thing is to check if all your locks are correctly working and if you can install a protection system. S.O.S Locksmith offers both services. Check out our website to see more of our residential locksmith services and keep your home or building safe from burglary.

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