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    45 Dalkeith Dr Unit 11, Brantford, ON N3P 1M1

    Here at S.O.S Locksmith Brantford, we are here to take care of all of your lock problems. From Sunday to Friday, we are open from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. The only day we are closed is Saturday. 

    Our locksmith store is located at 45 Dalkeith Dr Unit 11, Brantford, ON N3P 1M1.

    we do provide in store and also mobile locksmith services in Brantford and near by cities.

    We provide services in Key cutting, Residential services, Auto locksmith services, commercial services, mailbox & cabinets, and emergency locksmith Services. 

    Getting locked out of your car, house, or office can be a hassle and really put a damper on your day. You could spend hours looking up ways to pick a lock which is never a good idea.

    You could damage your car or property or even have to respond to police questions if someone reports that you look suspicious.

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    The better alternative is calling S.O.S Locksmith Brantford at (226) 493-0355, and we will assist with whatever issue you have with fast and speedy service.

    Our professional emergency locksmiths are available around the clock and are ready to come to your assistance. It doesn’t matter if it is car lockout, lock change, business lockout we will be there and will get you whatever you need as fast as possible.

    If you prefer to send us an email rather than calling by phone, you can email us at

    Contact us today at (226) 493-0355. We can help you with a variety of different situations, 

    Family Owned in Brantford Ontario

    We are a family-owned locksmith company in Brantford Ontario. We have built a reputation as the best locksmith company in Brantford, and surrounding areas because of our excellent and friendly customer service team, fast response times, and high-quality service.

    Think of us as a friend you can call when times are tough. We are here to help you overcome the stressful situation of getting locked out. We are here to make you feel comfortable along the way.

    It doesn’t matter what the situation is; believe us when we say we have seen it all. If you’re stuck in a dangerous neighborhood or caught in heavy rain, it doesn’t matter; we will always be there for you. All you need to do is call (226) 493-0355, and we will be on our way!