Essential Professional Locksmith Services That Every Property Manager Needs

A property manager has numerous responsibilities.  Dealing with tenants on a daily basis and maintaining the property appropriately sounds simple but can become quite complex.  As part of your list of professionals, you should have a locksmith included.  Why?  Here are some reasons. 

Changing the Locks

The main concern is changing locks.  As tenants move out, you need someone who is reliable and can come to your location with all the tools and products necessary to complete a lock change

Your property probably also contains ancillary facilities and items like storage areas, mailboxes, laundry rooms, workout areas or gyms, etc.  These areas are of special concern.  They require security but access to a fair number of people.  A good locksmith can solve the problem with specialized locking devices that can allow each tenant a separate key or code that will allow them access but are easily modified when apartments or office space changes hands without complicating the lives of the other tenants.  

Some of these areas may also need security systems for safety or municipal compliance, such as a pool area.  This can also include camera systems to help with identifying unwanted visitors.  Advanced security systems provide a deterrent to potential criminal activity but can also document any attempts on your property. 

Lockouts Happen

Tenants and employees misplace or forget keys all the time.  As a manager, a locksmith should work with you so that you have a master key for all of the spaces in your buildings.  They should also be able to fix damaged locks or rekey as necessary.  Rekeying is a cost-effective alternative to changing locks during tenant transitions. 

This leads to the point that your locksmith choice should be available when you need them most.  Emergencies happen without warning.  While some issues can be delayed to regular working hours, you may need immediate attention and your locksmith should be able to provide it willingly. 

Along with emergencies, you should be able to negotiate a maintenance schedule.  This can include a check of all the locking systems and security elements that they are responsible for and to make sure everything is in good working order and to make replacements before they break in order to keep your business in good shape and avoid undue emergency calls.  This includes inspection to assure that there have been no attempted break ins, replicating keys as necessary, and installing new locks in places that may have become vulnerable.

Your Reputation Matters

Locks do more than provide security for your tenants and lessees.  They are an extension of your management services. Good locksmith services enhances your reputation as a management enterprise and is a strong marketing tool.  Using a reliable, reputable locksmith service that employs trained, licensed, bonded, and experienced technicians can help eliminate violations of local regulations and provide you and your clients with the service necessary for a secure and professional arrangement.  

If you are not getting these services with your current locksmith, consider contacting our office through to see how our company can help you run your property management more efficiently.

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