Garage Door Lockout

Garage doors locks can fail for various reasons.  When you phone your local locksmith, it is a good idea to let them know what you think is wrong.  When they arrive, your supposition can be confirmed.  Here are some of the things that could be wrong.

Broken Motor

Electronic locks won’t work if your power is out.  However, if the motor is not working correctly, this is another issue.  If the track is not jammed or broken, then the motor has died.  If you are in the garage and need to get out, pull the emergency release cord and the door will work manually.  If you are outdoors, use your house key to gain entry and then use the manual override.

Broken Lock

If the lock is broken, there is no other solution but to replace it.  If it is locked by a padlock, either a bolt cutter or power tools will work.  Most installed garage locks are protected by anti-burglary like steel pins, anti-drill plates, and other measures.  Call a locksmith before destroying the entire door.

No Key

If you have lost your key or locked them in the house, and you have no spare on you or at a trusted neighbor’s, then call a locksmith.  They will bring the tools necessary to pick the lock so that you can get into the garage.  If the key is lost or stolen, have the lock re-keyed or replaced.  If you have just left it inside, the locksmith can also make a duplicate from the existing lock. 

Broken Key

If the key breaks, it will probably happen as the key is in the lock and you try to turn it.  It is unlikely that you will be able to extract the broken piece, but if you can, a locksmith can fabricate a new key from the broken lock.  If you damaged the lock during the extraction, you will need a new lock and key.  It is best to leave the extraction and new key to a professional locksmith. 

Manual Override

Earlier we mentioned using the manual override feature of your garage.  This is a cord that hangs from the center of the motor.  Pull it down until you see or hear the gear click or disengage.  Then you can walk to the door and manually open and close it.  In some cases, homeowners have secured the manual release as an anti-burglary maneuver.  In this case, let the locksmith know what you have done. 

Some people, out of anger or frustration, may opt for a destructive entry.  By drilling the lock, you can remove the cylinder and gain entry.  You will probably still need to call a locksmith to replace the entire lock and connect it to the security system you have in place.  

Obviously, the best solution is to call a qualified locksmith in London.  Not every locksmith will have the tools or expertise to deal with electronic garage door openers or security systems.  However, if nothing else they can help you gain access to the interior of your home through a side door or main entry.


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