If you are moving to a new house, there will be many priorities in your mind like renovation, interior decoration, garden remodeling, etc. But, the security and safety of the new property you treasure should be the most important priority. So, the very first thing you should do is to rekey the locks of your new residence. Only a well-experienced locksmith can handle any kind of task related to locks and keys. They also know the types of locks that are best suited for your house. Here’s why and when you should opt for a pair of new locks.

Many People Can Have Access

Many consider changing keys of their new property as something useless with an unnecessary cost. But here’s the truth! Even though the new house is officially your home sweet home, there are many other people who can still have access to it. The previous owners and their relatives can have copies of them. Even realtors, agents, and neighbors can have duplicates. If you hire a professional locksmith to rectify this issue, he will give you two options. Either you completely get your previous lock changed with a new set or rekey your existing locks. This is the best solution to ensure your house is protected.

Malfunctioning Locks

It is undeniable that locks are subjected to depreciation because of regular usage. Rusty and old locks don’t function properly and can be really hard to handle.  Your keys can get jammed in it and you can get locked out of your house which can be really annoying. They are also not safe because thieves can easily pick and break in. If the new house has worn out and tarnished locks, now is the time to get the lock changed. Seek the help of a good residential locksmith in your area and install a pair of sturdy locks. They will help you choose quality locks that will guarantee complete protection.

Give Keys Only to People You Trust

After you have got your lock changed and replaced with new ones through a locksmith, you have complete control over your residence. But it is only normal that we hand out duplicates for some people to use in case of emergencies. You might give copies to your close relatives and friends just in case they want to use it when you are away. Your house contains all your valuable belonging so remember to give keys only to trustworthy people. They should keep it safe just like you do. Even when it comes to neighbors, get to know them before you hand them a copy.

Therefore, it is essential that you rekey the locks of your new house or get the lock changed. For this purpose, you definitely need to hire a professional and reputedlocksmith. ROMO Locksmith is a pioneering company that provides all kinds of residential locksmith services. We work 24/7 and therefore will be there to assist you even at midnight. Hire us, and we will do a thorough assessment of your house and install the ideal pair of locks for your house.

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