How Does a Locksmith Open a Door?

At least once in your life you probably locked yourself out of your house, office, or even car. When this happens, it is essential to call a professional locksmith and wait for them to open your door. But when they open it, you get that feeling that you don’t exactly know how they opened it. After all, how does a locksmith open a door?

Well, first of all, it is important to say that locksmiths have specialized tools and techniques so they can open your door in the easiest and cheaper way they can. They will not damage your door or even your lock.

There is a special technique called “bumping” in which the locksmith uses a bump key, so they can open a pin tumbler lock. They insert the key and “bump” it to align the pins inside the lock.

Gaining Access

But in general, the first thing they will try to do is to pick your lock. They have a special picking lock kit that contains the needed tools to open your lock safely. This is a very good option because lock picking will leave your door and lock in a very good state afterwards, so you will not have to spend money on anything else after the service is done. Also, that means that you will be able to use your door normally.

Unfortunately, some situations make the use of drills necessary. This will probably happen if the lock is already damaged or if it’s going to be replaced anyway. But of course, the locksmith will discuss this with you before doing it, and they will listen to you and respect your decisions.

Key Analysing

Also, they can use something called “key analysing”, where they use the electrical resistance value of the door in order to make a new key using a mechanical key cutter. This is a very advanced door opening technique.

But how does a locksmith open a keyless door? Don’t worry! They don’t need to destroy your keyless door to open it. One of the most used techniques, in this case, is reprogramming the lock. That’s why some companies are hiring locksmiths with programming abilities since almost everyone these days wants to have a keyless door with digital entry systems.

Anyway, in all of these cases, you have something in common: the presence of a good and professional locksmith. If you want to get your door opened after you accidentally locked yourself out, seek the aid of a professional locksmith.

Hire a Professional

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