How Does a Slim Jim Work?

You have probably seen a carjacker in a movie inserting a long tool into the window of a locked car, jiggling it around, and opening the vehicle’s door. Well, that tool was the slim jim. It used to be very popular back in the day. Locksmiths would often use it if you locked your keys inside your car. However, nowadays, cars are protected against this tool. Here is what to know about slim jims and how they can damage new car models.

What is a Slim Jim?

A slim jim is a tool that allows you to snap into a car door. It is a long, thin metal tool with hooks on the end of it used by auto locksmiths and carjackers. The person will insert the slim jim between the car window and weather stripping, wiggle it around, and the car door will unlock. This tool does not work on newer car models. If used in a new car model, it can destroy the inner parts of the car.

How Does it Work?

The slim jim will reach into the inner working of a car door and pull on its wiring. A car door lock works by a connection of wires. When this wiring is yanked, it can unlock the door. With a slim jim, the wiring is yanked, and the car door gets unlocked without the need to unlock it from inside the car. However, all you need to get around a slim jim is a bit of shielding protecting the wiring, which is what most new car models have.

Slim Jims on New Car Models

As mentioned before, the slim jim can destroy the inner working of a newer car model. Nowadays, cars use a power lock, which won’t allow a slim jim to unlock your car. However, a slim jim can break wires which can lead to you never being able to unlock your doors again. This can lead to you having to replace your car door completely. Furthermore, you can even damage your window if you

Most cars, nowadays, also have shielding against slim jims. When someone inserts a slim jim to unlock a new car, the device will probably just hit a solid shield and not be able to get past it. Since slim jims have been around for a long time, car manufacturers made sure that it is more difficult to use them now.

Locked Out of Your Car?

In the past, people would have a slim jim with them in case they locked themselves out of their car. However, since most cars are protected against this tool, your best option is to call a locksmith. Luckily, S.O.S Locksmith can help you. We offer a bonded and insured emergency service with local expertise. We can help you with any lockouts, lost keys, burglary lock repairs, and even if your keys get stuck in the ignition. Contact S.O.S Locksmith to learn more about our services and rates.

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