How To Avoid Locksmith Scams

There are both legal businesses and con artists in the locksmith industry, just as in any other field. We would like to offer some tips on how to avoid these thieves.

Signs of Locksmith Scams


Late Replies

You should be skeptical if the locksmith takes a long time to arrive despite the website and perhaps even the person who took your call stating 15 to 20 minutes. This could be because they do not want you to believe that they are close.

Cheap Promises

When it comes to low prices, anything that seems too good to be true probably is. Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before you buy. You can get back into your house or car for a modest price, but there’s a catch. As soon as the locksmith arrives and starts looking into your situation, the price swiftly escalates.

When you call a locksmith, the operator provides you with a price estimate. Some variation of “Starting from $20” will be used. As a starting point, no locksmith can make a career charging so little. To begin with, they’ll offer it for a low price. However, it may cost a lot more than the first estimate.

Lack of Identification

It is doubtful that the scammer will be clothed in a uniform or have any type of identification that indicates he is a locksmith when he shows up. An unmarked car or a vehicle with magnetic signage for the company is more likely to be found.

Ways to Avoid Locksmith Scams


Do Early Research

Avoiding a locksmith scam is as simple as looking for one before you need one. With this method, you’ll be able to verify the legitimacy of a locksmith. To find the most trustworthy locksmith, look for legitimate websites in advance. Don’t forget to keep the locksmith’s name and phone number handy.

Read Reviews

The locksmith company you contact must be legitimate. Unreliable locksmiths avoid mentioning their business location because they do not want to deal with customers who have been deceived. If their address isn’t shown on their website, you’ll need to locate another company to work with. Examine the testimonials and ratings.

Inquire About the Price

A scammer’s fee is typically lower than that of other providers. They claim low prices on their websites, but they are hit with additional expenses when buyers arrive. Because your job requires more time and money, they make a claim. However, rates can vary slightly based on the nature and complexity of the project. It’s all a sham, as the initially great low prices prove to be.

Inquiring about additional fees over the phone is better. In contrast, a dishonest locksmith may grow angry with your questions and pressure you to use their service.

Verify Identification Cards and Files

When a locksmith comes to your house to provide services, make sure you get their identity. On every professional locksmith’s truck and identification card, you’ll see their license number prominently displayed. Any excuse, such as forgetting their credit card, should be ignored.

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