How to Fix a Car Key That Won’t Turn in The Ignition

Few things can be as stressful and nerve-racking as a car key that won’t turn in the ignition. Besides, it always happens at the worst time possible. Although this is one of the worst situations for car owners, don’t worry. There are some ways to fix it.

Lubricate the Lock

Sometimes the key won’t turn in the ignition because the keyway of the ignition cylinder is a bit dry. You can try to lubricate the lock to see if it’ll solve the problem. Some types of lubricators are proper for car locks, so you can check those. The preference is usually one that is graphite-based.

If minutes pass after you’ve put the lubricator and the key still won’t turn, the problem is probably other.

Turn the Steering Wheel

The locked steering wheel is the most common cause of a key that doesn’t turn in the car ignition. This can happen when the steering wheel is moved after the key is removed from the ignition cylinder.

To fix it, you’ll need to turn the steering wheel to the right and left, paying attention to which side the wheel can’t be turned to. Then, pull the steering wheel in a direction that can’t be moved and hold it. Turn the key in the direction of the accessory position while you still maintain the steering wheel in this position.

If nothing happens, try to rock the steering wheel while you turn the key. In case that doesn’t work, rock the steering wheel while jiggling the key in the ignition. Remember not to pull the steering wheel if you feel resistance, and don’t turn the key too hard. 

If you did all of that and it still doesn’t turn, then it is time to call a professional locksmith who can analyze the situation to see the problem.

Replace the Key

The problem can be the key itself. It is quite common, actually. If you suspect that this is the problem, call a professional locksmith or your car dealership so they can better instruct you. Be aware that most locksmiths can replace car keys cheaper than the dealership.

Replace the Ignition Cylinder

If the problem isn’t the key, it is a problem that there’s something wrong with the ignition cylinder. It can seem troublesome, but in most cases, the issue is with a specific part of the mechanism, not with the entire ignition.

Although you can try to replace it yourself, sometimes it is better to call the dealership or an auto locksmith so they can check what the problem is. Imagine you go through the trouble of buying a new ignition just to discover that the issue was something else. Calling a locksmith will make you save money, not the contrary. 

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