How to Unlock a Door Without a Keyhole

Sometimes we face the necessity of opening a door without a keyhole, may it be because we are locked inside or outside of a room, being locked out of the house, or even being unable to access clothes because the closet is inaccessible. Even though our first reaction may be panic, some tips help you get through this situation without harming your door or lock. See how to unlock a door without a keyhole.

Lock Picking

Lock picking is a known technique that many people use for illicit actions, but it can be useful to you this time. Overall, it can help you with any lock, but you need to be familiar with it. Also, there are some different ways of lock picking, and the one you’ll see is the most common. 

Start by grabbing your Allen wrench and insert the shorter part of it into the lower part of your door’s keyhole. After that, turn the wrench slightly to where your key should be turning. Sometimes, it may be necessary to apply a little more force.

Hole the wrench in the same place while inserting a bobby pin into the keyhole. You can try with a paperclip too. Lift it, then bring it down. If the door doesn’t open, more the object in a circular motion. Do that until you achieve success.

Pushing the Spring Lock

Pushing the spring lock is the well-known credit card technique you probably already saw in plenty of movies and T.V. series. Remember that the card can get damaged or broken, so use one you can afford to lose. If the card is bendy, that is even better.

Insert it between the door frame and the lock, bending it back to push the lock into the door. That will probably be enough to open the door. However, sometimes there is no space between the lock and frame. In that case, push the car between the door frame and the door itself at any point above the lock. After that, swipe the card downward.

Removing the Doorknob

The case can be a little more complicated since removing the doorknob cannot be done with all doors. Take your screwdriver and pull the screws that are exposed to your doorknob. Then, all you have to do is disassemble the knob and the lock. 

When there is no screw visible, you will have to remove the doorknob by parts until you find the mountain screws. Once you find the screws, pull them out, and shift the lock aways from the doorjamb.

Contact a Professional

Several cases are complicated to fix by yourself, especially if you want to avoid damaging your door. In cases where the difficulty or the risk is big, it is much better to call a professional locksmith to help you unlock your door easily and quickly.

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