Is a Locksmith an Essential Service?

It was not so very long ago that seemingly the entire world was in lockdown, and there was constant chatter about what was and was not an essential service.  People were concerned about being able to continue to function but still maintain safety precautions. 

Out of this situation and considerations, locksmith services were and still are considered an essential service. 

Emergency Services

Locksmiths are professionals who are still available to provide service to clients.  Many work from their vehicles, allowing a mobile staff and the backend staff personnel were able to work remotely, providing safety for employees and still provide needed locksmithing to those in need.

While there were no extra charges during lockdowns, emergency fees still applied, as they do now.  Travel may be added based on the number of miles a service technician is required to travel to resolve your situation.  These are standard across the industry.

As you are probably aware, a locksmith has a variety of duties and, through education and experience, has the skills to perform the tasks for us.  This includes repairing and replacing door locks in all kinds of buildings, including our homes, industries, and offices.  They also keep documentation of the duplicates and maintenance schedules.  They are available for emergencies, like if a home was broken into or your key has broken in the lock of your vehicle.  

Because the nature of their business was the safety of persons and property, locksmithing was deemed essential, and we are all grateful for their service to the community during difficult times. 

Safety Precautions

While the immediate crisis has subsided, many locksmiths still practice safety precautions for their own benefit as well as the other customers they serve.  As a result, if you need their service but are self-isolating, you need to be very specific when placing your order.  Social distancing and hygiene are to be expected, and the technician will take appropriate actions when taking care of your needs.

Many locksmiths took advantage of the communication technology available and were able to continue their education through Zoom and other webinars.  This allowed them to maintain certifications and to keep up with any changes in locks and locking systems.  Using online communications, they were still able to operate their businesses as normally as possible under the circumstances and to provide valuable service to the community.

All of this is a tribute to the dedication of individuals and companies who continued to provide emergency and ongoing services to individuals, families, and other businesses during a time of crisis and recovery.

For information about current services and availability, contact our team today. We have customer service representatives on duty who are able to confirm appointments and dispatch emergency services to your location.

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