Keyless Deadbolt vs. Standard Deadbolt

Your home’s security is important. Nowadays, there are many options when it comes to deadbolts. You can get a standard deadbolt that requires a key. However, a keyless deadbolt can be much more convenient if you need to give someone access to your home, but you are at work. Here are the pros and cons of keyless and standard deadbolts.

What is a Standard Deadbolt?

A standard deadbolt requires a key. It is the most common type of deadbolt found in most buildings. This type of deadbolt uses a regular turn-key security system to open or lock the door. A standard deadbolt does not require any batteries or remotes, and it is a good option if you are on a tight budget.

Pros of Standard Deadbolt

As mentioned, the standard deadbolt is a good option if you have a limited budget. However, this type of deadbolt has other advantages to it. Nowadays, there are many standard deadbolt options in the market. You can customize this type of deadbolt to fit your wants and needs for optimal security. Additionally, it is easy to install and can be easily repaired in case of any malfunction. With a standard deadbolt, only the people who have the key can enter the building or home.  

Cons of Standard Deadbolt

While the standard deadbolt is very common, it has some cons when compared to other types of deadbolts. While only people who have the key can access the building or home is a pro, this can also be a disadvantage. If someone who lives with you forgets their key, you will have to personally go there with your copy and unlock the door. Additionally, if someone loses their key, anyone who has the key can unlock the door and get access to your home. Not to mention, you cannot use any of the newer technology with this type of deadbolt.

What is a Keyless Deadbolt?

Much like the name implies, a keyless deadbolt does not require a key to enter a building or home. This type of deadbolt uses smart technology to keep your home secure. While it can be more expensive, this type of deadbolt is becoming more popular and useful depending on your daily needs. Additionally, keyless deadbolts have many varieties that are sure to fit into what you need for your home or building.

Pros of Keyless Deadbolt

Nowadays, keyless deadbolts can be compatible with Bluetooth technology, connecting to your smartphone and other systems. This allows you to open your doors remotely and easily change the codes in case of any issues. You don’t have to hide your spare keys in that weird vase on your porch. With a keyless deadbolt, you can unlock your doors at the click of a button.

Cons of Keyless Deadbolt

Although the keyless deadbolt is extremely convenient, it can be expensive and requires a professional installation. Additionally, you will need to check on the batteries and make sure you have spares. It is also important to remember that the weather can impact your keyless deadbolts, depending on the model you have.

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