Reasons Why Your Car Key Is Not Working

We’ve all experienced such days, I’m sure. In a hurry to get someplace, you discover that your car key does not work when you try to start it or even unlock it. When you’re locked out of your car, your mind races to come up with every possible explanation, sometimes, you’ll get the answer right away, and other times it may take you a bit to find out what’s wrong. We’ve all been through something, so it’s a shared experience. To make this process easier for you, we’ll explain why your car key is not working.

Damaged Car Lock

The lock may have been damaged when you try to unlock your automobile with your key, but it doesn’t work. Even if you don’t use the keyways on your auto locks, this could still be the case. The lock cylinder and the lock assembly are the two primary components of an automobile door lock that might be damaged.

With a little trial and error, you can determine which part of the automobile lock is broken. Insert your key, and see if it turns on its own accord. A problem with the lock assembly may be to blame if it spins but doesn’t open. If you use a key fob to unlock a door and the key does not function, the lock cylinder is likely to be the source of the problem. 

Dirt and debris can sometimes get in the way of locks. A car door lock can potentially freeze in extremely cold weather. Furthermore, if you’ve been in a collision, the lock may have been damaged. These concerns can affect a new car lock just as easily as a classic one.

Damaged Key

Broken keys are the most prevalent cause of malfunctioning automobile keys. When most people think of damaged keys, they picture a key that has been broken into pieces. Damage to a key is not usually readily apparent, but it can be. If the depth of one or more of these grooves is incorrect, the key will no longer be compatible with the lock or ignition’s internal mechanics.

Faculty Ignition Cylinder

This is not just a door lock but also a key to start your car’s engine. Car keys aren’t designed to be left in a bag or pocket by themselves. There is an accompanying lock or mechanism for every key that it is designed to work with. ” Inserting your car key into the ignition and having no luck isn’t always a sign of a broken key.

Key Fob Batteries That Have Run Out

The batteries in your key fob or keyless entry remote may have run out, causing your car keys to malfunction. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this widespread problem. Identifying the source of the problem is as simple as checking the batteries.

Internal Damage to the Key Fob Remote

Distinct varieties of keys have different applications and characteristics. For your car to function properly, you need an active transmitter and receiver for the remote to communicate with the car’s key fob. Your car key will not operate if there is a problem with the car’s internal electronics or if the receiver or transmitter has been damaged.

If you are looking for an auto locksmith because your car key isn’t working, contact our team today.


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