Door locks

We all know the reasons for locking our doors at any time, but when it comes to choosing the right type of lock you should consider the specific door’s purpose (external, internal, garage, slide door etc

During the times when you need to change the entire lock, our professionals locksmith come with wide variety of quality locks to serve you 24/7 at any time of the year.

Knob locks: Are most commonly found in residential homes as the primary locking device on both internal and external doors. These locks have a key cylinder located on one side and a rotatable knob on the other that controls the locking. They are very easily compromised to brute force attacks and for that reason it should always be installed with a secondary lock in external doors.

Deadbolts:  Utilize a rotating cylinder that drives a bolt into the door frame that can not be retracted until the locking cylinder is once again rotated. These locks are much more resilient to brute force attacks and are impervious to shimming. That is why this lock is most commonly installed with the knob lock at external doors, serving as another security measure.

Mortise lock: includes a non-locking sprung latch that is controlled by a lever handle and, it has a deadbolt that is used as secondary security. This lock utilizes two different types of locks compiled into one device this lock is considered more powerful than the knob and deadbolt locks.

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