Electronic locks

Is a locking device which operates by the use magnets, solenoids, or motors to actuate the lock by either supplying or removing an electric current. Electric locks may be connected to an access control system, the advantages of which include: key control, where keys can be added and removed without re-keying the lock cylinder; fine access control, where time and place are factors; and transaction logging, where activity is recorded.

Magnetic lock: The most basic type of electronic lock. A large electro-magnet is mounted on the door frame and a corresponding armature is mounted on the door. When the magnet is powered and the door is closed, the armature is held fast to the magnet and the door is locked. Magnetic locks are simple to install and are very attack-resistant although they have a few downsides like time delay in locking procedure and the dependency in electrical power.

Electronic Deadbolts & latches: Electric mortise and cylindrical locks are enhancement for the door mounted mechanical locks. An additional hole must be drilled in the door for electric power wires. Also, a power transfer hinge is often used to get the power from the door frame to the door. Electric mortise and cylindrical locks allow mechanical free egress, and can be either fail unlocked or fail locked.

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