The term Re-key is the process of removing the tumbler of a lock and changing the old combination pin for a new one so they will work with a different key cut. it means that the old keys will no longer work on the lock.

It’s very important and highly recommended to have your locks re-keyed when you purchase a new home to keep you and your loved ones safe.

a procedure originally invented  in 1836 by Solomon Andrews,. Lock cylinders contain pins, each one in different length and combination to create a relatively unique key bitting. over time the pins ware out and become too short to reach the shear-line causing the lock to jam. in order to fix the lock the old pins must be replaced. other common reasons locks are re keyed are to build master-key systems, make a set of locks share a common key, or to eliminate compromised keys. To rekey a lock, first, the cylinder must be  removed from any housing it rests in. Then it must be disassembled, and the plug removed. The plug has cylindrical chambers containing pins that are spaced according to manufacturer specifications. finally replacing the old pins with new ones, putting it all back together and you got a brand new lock.

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