Heading Out of Town: The Most Important Summer Home Safety Tips

You’re excited to finally go on that well-deserved holiday. With all the excitement and chaos of packing, it is easy to forget something.

You are on the road stopping at the first fuel station. Then, your mind wanders, “Did I lock everything? Is the oven switched off? And more things come to mind. That is why it is so important to have a checklist of important home safety tips in place. Having it in place gives you peace of mind when on vacation. But what are those safety tips? S.O.S Locksmith is here to help.

1. Are the Windows and Doors Closed

Yes, of course, it is an obvious thing to do. However, the estimated percentage of burglaries is 32%. They gain access through unlocked windows and doors. Especially those on the upper floor. They even gain access to those parts allowing an entryway for pets.

2. Remove Your Mail from the Mailbox

Get someone to remove your mail from your porch and mailbox. Not doing this shows other people there is no one at home. If you do not have helpful neighbors or family, it helps to get a temporary hold on your mail delivery.

3. Keep the Yard Maintained

If you have a low-maintenance yard, it might not be of concern. However, if your grass grows fast, having it taken care of while you’re away helps. So do not prevent your landscapers or gardeners from continuing their work as it shows there is someone at home. The same applies in the winter months. Having the snow removed by a company helps.

4. Do Not Leave Your Lights Off

People who walk by your home may notice if someone is not there. Where possible, invest in a smart timer to switch on porch lights and lights on in the house. With the latest smart lights available, you can even control them remotely using your phone.

5. Do Not Remove Your Car from the Driveway

One of the biggest deterrents for burglars is seeing a vehicle parked in the driveway. For them, it means someone is at home. So leave it locked where people notice it, or ask your neighbor if they would like to use your driveway as a parking spot while you are away.

6. Lock Up Your Valuable

Keep easy-to-grab items locked up and concealed. With the help of a residential locksmith in Ontario, you can have locks put in your home to secure all your important things. When items are secure, locked thieves may not want to take the time to steal them.

7. Never Broadcast Your Vacation on Social Media

Posting to your friends that you’re away is a big no-no. Instead, save the posts until you return and make sure your kids do the same. If you share your travel arrangements to social media, it is advertising that your house is accessible to break-in.

8. Adjust Your Thermostat

Adjusting the thermostat prevents the HVAC system from heating or cool unnecessarily. With a smart thermostat, you can program it remotely to adjust the temperature as needed until you arrive back. Furthermore, it prevents high costs on your utility bill.

9. Prevent Water Damage

The best thing to do to prevent water damage, turn off the main water supply. While a viable option when living in moderate climates, doing this in a cold region can cause pipes to burst. If you do switch off the main water supply, we suggest you have someone check in regularly.

10. Check Your Security

If you do have, security camera or security system, ensure that it is working. Leave the camera where people can see it. Make sure all security signs are noticeable and in place. Furthermore, another critical thing, have all your locks checked by a locksmith to see if they are all in working order. If you feel you need more secure locks, S.O.S Locksmith can help to add security and peace of mind to your home.

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