Types of Door Lock Problems and How to Fix Them

Door lock problems can come from out of nowhere and are always such a headache. Although there are ways to avoid them, problems come and go, and you can’t predict when. Let’s see common types of door lock problems and how to fix them so you can be prepared once the situation comes.

Frozen Locks

Your lock likely gets frozen with the coming cold seasons, especially during December and January. This process happens when the moisture gets into the lock, and then the temperature drops. 

Frozen locks can be dangerous, so it is important to be careful when dealing with them. First, it is good to have a de-icer next to you during the winter. Don’t try to force your key into a frozen lock, and don’t try to fix the lock as well since you can break both of them.

Use the lock de-icer to solve this problem. You can also try to put graphite into the keyhole if you have any close. Also, you can call your local locksmith to help you since they are used to dealing with it and have the proper tools.

The Door Won’t Close

Did you ever have a door that wouldn’t close, even though it looked completely normal? That can help for several reasons, such as humidity making your door “bigger” if it’s made of wood and if your bolt isn’t properly aligned with the lock’s strike plate.

For the first one, the best you can do is wait for the door to come to its normal size and try to use some paint to avoid humidity. Don’t force the door to close since it can make the door get stuck. The other problem is better resolved with the help of a professional locksmith so they can align everything correctly.

The Key Broke in the Lock

A key stuck in the lock is one of the worst nightmares for any house owner since you have not one but two problems with this. First, you’ll need to get the key out of the lock. Second, you’ll need to make another key.

Although you can try to remove the key yourself, this isn’t advisable. Many people try to remove it and end up breaking the lock. Therefore, in this situation is safer to contact a professional locksmith. Besides, you’ll need to call the locksmith anyway since it’ll be necessary to make a copy of the key.

The Door Doesn’t Lock But the Keys Turn

Did you ever have a door that wouldn’t lock even though the keys would turn? That happens when the lock mechanism is broken. Of all the problems in this list, this may be the hardest to solve alone since you’ll need broad knowledge of the lock’s mechanism to understand what’s wrong.

That’s why it is best to call a professional locksmith such as S.O.S Locksmith Pro to help you with any lock-related problem. We offer several services, including copying keys, replacing locks, and more.

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