Upgrade Your Commercial Locks to Enhance Security

As a business owner or manager, you probably already realize how important it is to have good security in your buildings.  If you haven’t upgraded your security system, including locks, in a while, you may want to consider having a professional locksmith review your current system. 

Keeping current on your locks and security shows concern for your physical and intellectual properties as well as for your employees.  A high-security system eases the burden of break-ins.  Standard tumbler locks are easier to pick than commercial locks with diagonal cuts on the pins.  Everything ages, and at a certain point, it will need to be replaced due to overuse or malfunction.  However, if you choose a style of lock that is more durable, you will find it will last for a longer period without the need for replacement.  Regular inspection and maintenance by a locksmith will also ensure continuous operation without the need for intervention.  Both of these measures will save you money in the long run.

Customized to Your Needs

Many locks can be customized to your needs.  It can also be arranged that management can reset locks at any time without the intervention of a locksmith.  This is beneficial if a key has been lost or in the case of terminated employees.  All the other keys will continue to function normally, just those designated will no longer be accepted.

Electronic doors can be equipped with locks that will allow you to track where the keys are.  This can help you find lost or misplaced keys.  Importantly, these keys cannot be duplicated nor do you need an IT genius to handle the issues.  Trained locksmiths can set up the system for you and give you the instructions so that you are able to manage the system on your own.

Keyless Entry

Of course, keyless entries allow you to use multiple codes on the same door lock, which will limit entry based on your decision by employee, department, deliveries, or other needs.  If your system should be breached, the lock can be re-coded instead of an entirely new install.

Upgrading to a commercial locking system is a modern method to improve security.  In addition, they can improve the way your doors open and close.  

Making security a part of your corporate culture is critical to the operation of your business.  That includes reinforcing emergency procedures, visitor requirements, and keeping doors, gates, and entrances secure.  New hires get this information, but it is a good idea to mention it at general meetings to be sure everyone is refreshed on the processes in your building.  Encouraging employees to be vocal about someone asking for sensitive information or to borrow a key is a good way to allow everyone to be a part of the security measures.

If you think it may be time to review your security and locking system, contact a professional locksmith that is skilled in these issues, like soslocksmithpro.com. We will be happy to send a technician to your buildings and help you continue your work with the knowledge that your building and employees are as secure as possible.

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