What Services Does a Residential Locksmith Provide?

Protecting your family, house, and objects is very important, and locks are a big part of your security. But if you think that all a residential locksmith can do is fix some locks and replace some keys, you are wrong.

A locksmith is a security master, and they can fix and install various security products, adapting the security system the way you want. If you want to understand more about a residential locksmith’s services, keep reading.

Keep in mind that since this kind of professional deals with the security of your home, it is fundamental that you find a trustworthy and specialized locksmith. Don’t be scared of searching for a good company or individual to help you with this issue.

Lock Installation, Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement

As you may notice by their name, a locksmith can do anything related to locks. Do you need them fixed? Installed? Repaired? Do you need to replace them, or do you want maintenance? They can do it all.

They can help you decide which lock system and type are better for your house. There are so many that it may be confusing for those who don’t know much about it. Also, they don’t work only with doors.

The residential locksmith services include windows, file cabinets, drawers, letterboxes, and many others — pretty much anything with a lock.


Did you lose your keys, or was your house invaded? It is recommended that you get your locks rekeyed, so no one with the old key will be able to use it on your locks. Rekeying is a great service since it’s cheaper than changing all locks, and it is much faster.

Key Replacement and Copying

When your key gets broken, you need to replace them, but this is not the kind of thing that you find at any supermarket, and that’s why you need the services of a residential locksmith. They can also copy your key so you can keep them in your car, for example. Or give to a family member. Whatever you choose, it is important to have a backup key that is kept safe.

Safe Installation, Maintenance, Repair, and Opening

A residential locksmith can install, repair, and even open a safe. We are talking about home safes, also known as residential safes, which can secure your most precious items such as passports, documents, jewels, physical cash, and more. They can also take care of the maintenance of it.

Keyless Door Installation

Nowadays, more and more decide to go keyless and install an electronic lock system. For this, you will need the services of a residential locksmith since this process can be hard and stressful for those who don’t know. It is very technical and complex to install but easy to use. 

With all these benefits, you must be asking yourself, “how can I find a trustworthy residential locksmith near me?”. Today is your lucky day if you need a locksmith. S.O.S Locksmith is a company that offers multiple services, including residential locksmith and car locksmith. They are available in London Ontario, Woodstock, Brantford, and the surrounding areas.

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