What To Do if You’re Locked Out of a Car?

Locking your keys in your vehicle is a lot more common than you may think.  As much as possible, try to stay calm and remember some of the things we will point out in this article.

If you are in immediate danger, call 9-1-1.  Just be sure that it is an emergency like a sweltering hot day, and an infant is locked in the car.  The police won’t unlock your vehicle, but they will contact a tow service or other professional to help you gain access.  You will be responsible for the company’s fee.  Otherwise, you have other options.

Consider Your Options

Obviously, first, check your purse or pockets for a spare key.  Next, call a family member who may have their own key to your car.  They will need to get the duplicate to you, but it can be the most expedient and least expensive option.  You can also call a ride-share service to take you home to retrieve your extra key and then take you back.  If you have parked in a safe location, you can ask a neighbour or family member to get you back to your car when convenient so that you can unlock it and drive yourself home.

If you have a membership to a roadside service company, call them.  Many dealerships offer this as an option with a new car purchase, which is sometimes free during the warranty period. 

There are some services like GM OnStar that you can contact, and they will remotely unlock your car.  Some provide apps that will allow a smartphone to unlock the car.  This is a good option for new drivers. 

Many major highways have telephones strategically placed with connection to services.  Some highways are also regularly patrolled by tow companies that offer emergency services.

If you can get a ride to your dealership, they can probably provide a key that will let you get into the vehicle.  This key will not allow you to start the car, but you can retrieve the set that is inside.  You will need the vehicle identification number and proof of ownership. 

Obviously, the best solution is to contact a locksmith that works with automobiles.  With the variety of keys, fobs, and keyless entry systems, you probably will need someone with detailed experience and modern education.  Again, you will need to provide the make, model, and identification number of the vehicle and be able to show proof of ownership.  If you prefer, you can contact a dealership, which will tow the car to their lot and re-program the system.

An outstanding locksmith that offers emergency is S.O.S Locksmith in London, Ontario.  You can contact them here.  It is a good idea to have their number logged on your cell phone for all members of the family in case of a vehicle or house lockout.  They offer excellent customer service, and their rates are comparable to the competition.

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