What You Need To Consider When Selecting A Locksmith

Locksmithing describes the making and destruction of locks. A locksmith can install and repair locks of all sorts, including doors, windows, safes, etc. A locksmith is trained and has extensive knowledge surrounding locks, their mechanisms, and their functions. When selecting a locksmith in London, Ontario there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Hours of Operation/Availability

Some locksmiths are open 24 hours, and some have specific hours. Consider, there is an emergency during the night; you’re going to be locked out until your Locksmith can attend to the situation. Only a locksmith has the expertise in their field, so only a locksmith can fix the problem. Therefore, it’s vital that you feel comfortable reaching out to your Locksmith at any time.

Emergency Services

This ties into availability but also is a valid point on its own. Look for a locksmith that offers emergency services. Choosing a locksmith with emergency services will give that protection of the potential emergency happening at any point.

Customer Reviews

Check what past customers have had to say about the Locksmith. Looking into this will give you a general idea of who you’re dealing with and how they conduct business.


The worst thing would be to forget to write down the price when advised of it; the Locksmith goes ahead and does the work, and you must pay a surprisingly larger bill than you expected. So when looking for a Locksmith, consider one that is fully transparent with pricing and offers affordable rates. You may even be able to get a free quote prior to hiring them.

Tools Used

You don’t want old, squeaky, outdated locks. You want strong ones installed by a knowledgeable locksmith with high-quality tools and craftsmanship. Look for a locksmith company that offers high-security locks, and installs are completed by a trained professional.

Services Offered

Choose a locksmith in London that offers a large variety of services. These services may range from repairing locks and keys, installing keyless entry, lock deadbolt repairs, mailbox key services, services to assist with being locked out, and more. Your Locksmith must offer a variety so that you won’t get caught in a pickle if an emergency happens.

Customer Service

A locksmith is a service that you might need in an emergency, so customer service is critical. Ensure you read the reviews, as well as any testimonials on their website. You can also view their social media and watch how they interact with their audience and customers. You want to choose a locksmith that is friendly, reliable, knowledgable, and provides exceptional service. Ensure the Locksmith is transparent surrounding pricing and rates, as well as very skilled.

Call Today

Suppose you need a locksmith in London, Ontario. In that case, you need to call S.O.S. Locksmith at 226-559-9341 to answer all your questions and help you. Their highly skilled staff are ready and happy to guide you in the right direction. Residential Locksmiths in London Ontario provides exceptional customer service as well as reliable, quick on-site service. Highly trained and well-equipped, S.O.S Locksmith offers free quotes and has training in a wide variety of areas.

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