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Stuck with a worn-out key that barely works? Don’t worry, S.O.S Locksmith is your trustworthy partner for car key replacement in Cambridge, Ontario.

Fast and Reliable Car Key Replacement Cambridge, Ontario

At S.O.S Locksmith, we understand how frustrating and inconvenient it is to be without a functioning car key. That’s why our team of experienced locksmiths is ready to provide fast, efficient car key replacement Cambridge services. We use cutting-edge equipment and techniques to craft high-quality replacement keys while you wait. Plus, our mobile locksmith units can come to your location for added convenience. We offer the best service in the city at reasonable prices.

Whether you broke your key on the ignition, or simply lost it, our team of experts can help. Trust S.O.S Locksmith for prompt, professional, and affordable car key replacement Cambridge, Ontario.

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When Is the Right Time to Replace Your Car Keys?

only one functioning

Only One Functioning Key Left

Having just one working car key is risky business. What if you misplace it or it breaks? You’d be stranded without access to your vehicle. The smart move? Get a replacement key from S.O.S Locksmith before the unthinkable happens. Having a spare key provides peace of mind and prevents potential headaches down the road.

worn or damage key

Worn-out or Damaged Key

Over time, constant use can take a toll on your car keys, causing them to become worn or damaged. A compromised key can get stuck in the ignition or fail to work altogether. Don’t wait until you’re left keyless. Replace worn keys promptly with help from the experts at S.O.S Locksmith. We can precisely cut new keys and get you back on the road hassle-free.

upgrading vehicle security

Upgrading Vehicle Security

If your car uses an older key style, you may want to upgrade to a more secure option like a laser-cut key or transponder key. These modern keys make hot-wiring far more difficult, deterring theft and keeping your ride safer. S.O.S Locksmith car key replacement Cambridge specializes in key replacements that boost your vehicle’s security.

you've lost your only key

You've Lost Your Only Key

Losing your sole car key is the stuff of nightmares – but S.O.S Locksmith can quickly get you back on the road. Our locksmiths have the skills and tools needed to cut and program replacement keys on-site, ensuring you regain access to your vehicle ASAP. Don’t panic if you’re keyless. Just give us a call and we’ll have you covered in no time.

Our Car Key Replacement Cambridge Services

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At S.O.S Locksmith, our comprehensive car key replacement Cambridge services have you covered, no matter the make, model, or key type. You can count on our team for:

About Us

S.O.S Locksmith is a pioneering locksmith company delivering top-tier services to clients across Cambridge. From homeowners to major businesses, we’re committed to providing unmatched quality and customer care. Our team is comprised of highly trained and insured locksmiths. Professionalism and meeting your needs are always our top priorities. 

We take pride in our work and always complete the job with quality workmanship. We provide you with both the results and the affordable pricing. Our company refuses to cut corners, using only premium products and materials to ensure a proper fix that lasts. Facing a lock, key, or security issue can be stressful, but our friendly experts will put you at ease as we quickly resolve the problem.

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Why Choose Us for Your Car Key Replacement Cambridge Needs

When you need a new car key, you want the job done quickly, affordably and by professionals you can trust. That’s exactly what you’ll get with S.O.S Locksmith. We’ve built our reputation in Cambridge as the premier locksmith by delivering exceptional service and top-notch workmanship every time. Here’s why we’re the smart choice for your car key replacement Cambridge:


Frequently Asked Questions

Our business hours are:

  • Mon to Fri: 7:00am – 9:00pm
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 Yes, our company is insured. When you hire a locksmith, you can ask to check if they have insurance, it is very important.

Yes, our mobile locksmiths come equipped with professional key-cutting machines and programming tools to make and code new keys on location.

 We replace keys for all makes and models, including standard metal keys, remote/fob keys, transponder keys, and smart keys. Our technicians have experience with local and foreign vehicles.

 Yes, we can create keys from your vehicle’s VIN number or electronic control unit (ECU) data.

 Absolutely. We have the latest equipment to program new transponder keys/remote fobs and replace any non-functioning chips or transponders.

Yes, if the remote/fob portion of your key is malfunctioning, we can reprogram it or replace just the fob part in most cases.

 Our technicians are experienced at carefully removing broken key parts from ignitions and cylinders. We’ll extract any fragments so a new key can be cut.

Our locksmiths carry blank key stocks for nearly every make and model, or we can order blanks. We identify the correct one by VIN, vehicle lookup, or decoding your existing key.

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