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Stuck without a functioning car key? Get help from S.O.S Locksmith for dependable car key replacement in Oakville, Ontario.

Fast and Reliable Car Key Replacement in Oakville, Ontario

When you need a new car key replacement Oakville, S.O.S Locksmith offers prompt and dependable service. Our skilled locksmiths are equipped to make duplicate keys for most makes and models. We also program high-security electronic car keys on-site. With mobile locksmiths dispatched from our shop, we can replace your keys wherever you are in Oakville. Our locksmiths are courteous, work quickly, and take pride in quality workmanship. We’re committed to top-quality service and helping you with your car key issues.

Whether at your home, office, or stuck on the road, call on S.O.S Locksmith for fast and reliable car key replacement.

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When Is the Right Time to Replace Your Car Keys?

only one functioning

Only One Functioning Key Left

Don’t wait until you’ve completely lost all keys to your vehicle. It’s smart to duplicate your car key when you’re down to just one working key. That way, you’ll have a spare readily available if your last key is lost, stolen or damaged. Protect yourself from the major hassle of lost keys by proactively contacting S.O.S Locksmith.

worn or damage key

Worn or Damaged Key

Daily use wears down car keys over time. If your key is badly worn, it may no longer turn smoothly in the ignition or door locks. Worn keys are also more likely to snap or break when used. Damaged keys with broken or missing pieces will need to be replaced. Contact S.O.S Locksmith at the first sign of a worn or damaged key.

upgrading vehicle security

Upgrading Vehicle Security

When buying a new car, it’s wise to rekey it for better security. This prevents previous owners from accessing your vehicle with their keys. Upgrading older vehicles without chip keys to more secure chipped transponder keys is also recommended. S.O.S Locksmith can supply and program new high-security keys for your car to keep it safely protected from thefts.

you've lost your only key

You've Lost Your Only Key

If you lose the only key to your vehicle, you’ll need a replacement key to regain access. Don’t panic, call the experts at S.O.S Locksmith. Our mobile locksmiths have the know-how to make new keys and program transponder chips for most makes and models, even without an existing key present. We’ll get you a working key promptly so you can get your vehicle back on the road.

car key replacement oakville

Our Car Key Replacement Services

At S.O.S Locksmith, we understand the hassle of lost or damaged car keys. That’s why we provide speedy and professional services you can count on:

About Us

S.O.S Locksmith delivers premier locksmith services to clients across Oakville, Ontario. From homeowners to major local businesses, our customers trust us to meet all their security needs. Our team consists of highly trained and insured locksmiths dedicated to providing exceptional service. We always put the customer first and don’t stop working until every job is completed with quality workmanship. While staying professional, we aim to make the process stress-free and keep our affordable rates honest. We use only high-quality materials and proven methods to achieve the right solution for every unique situation. If you’re facing any issue with locks, keys, or security, turn to the knowledgeable experts at S.O.S car key replacement Oakville. We’ll address your problem with friendly, attentive service you can rely on.

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Why Choose Us for Your Car Key Replacement in Oakville, Ontario

When you need car key replacement Oakville, choose the experts at S.O.S Locksmith. Our expert locksmiths offer prompt, professional key replacement services for all vehicle makes and models. You can count on S.O.S Locksmith for your car key needs because we provide:


Frequently Asked Questions

Our business hours are:

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 Yes, our company is insured. When you hire a locksmith, you can ask to check if they have insurance, it is very important.

Yes, our mobile locksmiths come equipped with professional key-cutting machines and programming tools to make and code new keys on location.

We replace keys for all makes and models, including standard metal keys, remote/fob keys, transponder keys, and smart keys. Our technicians have experience with local and foreign vehicles.

Yes, we can create keys from your vehicle’s VIN number or electronic control unit (ECU) data.

Absolutely. We have the latest equipment to program new transponder keys/remote fobs and replace any non-functioning chips or transponders.

Yes, if the remote/fob portion of your key is malfunctioning, we can reprogram it or replace just the fob part in most cases.

Our technicians are experienced at carefully removing broken key parts from ignitions and cylinders. We’ll extract any fragments so a new key can be cut.

Our locksmiths carry blank key stocks for nearly every make and model, or we can order blanks. We identify the correct one by VIN, vehicle lookup, or decoding your existing key.

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